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Medio Ambiente
We take care of the environment

PRODESCO S.L. in its function of production of Glazes and colours Ceramics and in their direct service with the client, it is aware of the conservation of the environment and the quality of their product.
< br > In consequence, PRODESCO S.L is committed in the politics's of quality installation and environment of prevention and minimization of the environmental aspects characteristic of its activity, in legal effective execution of the normative one.
< br > For that that, PRODESCO S.L takes advantage of the new technologies within its reach in the continuous improvement of its environmental behavior.
< br > PRODESCO S.L acts establishing media in topics of quality and environment so much at internal level as external.
< br > In this sense PRODESCO S.L. is at your disposal to assist your suggestions and/or relating questions to quality and environment.
< br > we Appreciate your indispensable contribution sincerely in the conservation and protection of the environment.

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